Become a Passion Intimates Wishlist Model?

You like to join our Wishlist model family? We let you know how. 

Quick Facts: 

You get your own wishlist here

You get nice presents from all over the world

5% profit sharing

You get a starter promotion box

You share your promotion material with us

You get a discount code for your fans for include profit sharing


You choose the pieces on your wishlist

We create your wishlist
We always search for amazing model who like to work together with us. 

We will create together your personnel wishlist.

You decide what we put on your wishlist. 

You can choose from our full portfolio. 


You link us in your social media accounts

You get your wishlist link from us and put it to your link lists on your social media accounts. 


We send you a promotion package

You will get a promotion set from us. We will send some pieces which you can use to promote your wishlist.

You will send us the pictures and videos, so that we can also promote your wishlist on our network.


You start your promotion !

Start your promotion on all your social media channels

Promote yourself and your wishlist

Send us also the pictures and videos you make. We will use them also to promote you and your wishlist.


You also can use the lingerie in your shootings and other events. 


Somebody sends you a present

One or more followers make you a present.

We will pack your package immediately and send it to you. 


You get your present !

…and money

You get a present and we will give you more…

Make some nice pictures with the pieces and send them to us for our promotion.

if you like you can send a nice thank you to the one you who send you the present. 

And the best: You will get 5 % of the total amount of the present

EXTRA: discount code for your fans

Discount code for your fans

You get a discount code for your fans. Your fans get 5% off the entire range in our shop

In the moment somebody use your voucher code you will get also 5% of the total amount

Be active and we have more ideas with you 😉

For our active wishlist models we have some specials.

We are looking forward to work successfully with you. 

We like to shoot with you

Come to Berlin and we book you for a photo shooting

Your application

    Your best social media channels:


    With us, your data is securely and technically separated from the shop. Only we know your address and your full name.We use your social media name here on the wish list.

    We need your address where you would like to have the gifts sent.
    We will send the gifts asap.

    That is completely your decision.

    Make a post on your social media accounts, send pictures to the giver and write an email.

    It’s your decision.

    We recommend specifying on the wish list what the giver will receive in return.

    We payp every end of the month by Paypal or Bank transfer.